Hi, I’m Michael

I’m passionate about financial markets, economics, behavioral finance, and strategy – that’s probably what you’ll find on this site.

You may have found me on TradingView where I express my views on financial markets. My goal is to provide thought-provoking insights that help identify developing trends and risk in the markets. I cover stocks, commodity futures, forex, and digital assets (mostly Bitcoin). My readers are professional traders, investment advisors, and students of the market.


I’m the founder of Lanmar Capital, a friends and family investment fund where I trade all asset classes, predominantly equities. If you’d like to follow some of my work, follow me on TradingView, or scroll down below to subscribe for updates. To get in touch, you could contact me here.

Quick bio

Born in Brooklyn, NY.

Live in Barcelona, Spain.

Favorite table game: Texas Hold’em Poker

Favorite book in 2021: The Sovereign Individual

Favorite poem: The Grumbling Hive

Graduate of New York University, BA Economics

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