Hi, I’m Michael

Welcome to my site. This is where you’ll find ideas I’m interested in, and anything that has my attention – markets, current events, essays, books, startups, and my favorite catch-22s.

I’m passionate about financial markets, economics, behavioral finance and strategy. I love connecting with people that share similar curiosities and look to expand perspectives or collaborate.


I write Lanmar Research, an independent research publication on financial markets. My goal is to provide thought-provoking insights that help identify developing trends and risk through the application of macro and technical analysis. I cover equities, commodities, currencies, bonds, and digital assets (mostly Bitcoin). My readers are professional traders, investment advisors, and students of the market.

My journey in the financial industry began as a stockbroker on the morning of September 15, 2008—the same day Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy. I was a high school senior quickly initiated in the world of skepticism amid financial crisis. I took particular interest in currencies after reading Princes of the Yen, the most important book I’ve come across on central banking.

Currencies and commodities became a core focus of my trading practices at a startup hedge fund and a managed futures fund I founded in 2015, Lanmar Capital Management. My background in the currency market helped me recognize Bitcoin’s potential as a powerful technology for the global economy. After watching it closely for two years, I finally started buying some in November 2015.

My confidence in the global adoption of digital currencies increased as the asset class gained in popularity, especially in the second half of 2017. With the dramatic growth in interest from my network, I began advising investors new to the world of digital money, and developed a passion for helping cryptocurrency projects establish themselves in the industry.

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Quick Bio

Born & bred in Brooklyn, NY.

Currently live in Barcelona, Spain.

Favorite table game: Texas Hold’em Poker

Favorite book in 2020: The Sovereign Individual

Favorite poem: The Grumbling Hive

Graduate of NYU, BA Economics

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